Paviljoenschool Schaarbeek
Brussels 2019 - 2025

'It takes a community to raise a child'. This is the slogan on which primary school Pavilion grounds its pedagogical project. The school is developing a social model, based on the network of the school’s parents from the neighborhood.
Building on this concept, Dear Pigs developed a 'mobile pavilion', a mobile classroom. Situated on the playground, the children and parents of school Paviljoen can become the owner of their own outdoor class. The decoration and finishing of ‘the cart’ is done by the parents and children. Dear pigs organizes play and coffee moments to facilitate this.

Once the cart has been fully claimed by the school’s parents, it will move into the city. The 'cart' becomes part of the neighborhood through different programs organized by Dear pigs and the school. At the same time, neighborhood projects may invite the cart to for a while become the public interface of their own program. This could be about gender studies when the cart stops at a women's group. This could be about baking farmer's bread when it is parked at the bakery, about urban agriculture when it stops at allotment gardens, or about swimming when it is left standing in front of the swimming pool ... Depending on the project the cart is invited to, the Municipal Library will provide books that are related to this particular project.

The cart folds open and for a while becomes a public extension of a neighborhood project. Tea can be made or coffee can be served, perhaps some cookies baked. Tables can be arranged so people can sit and talk, read, get to know each other, …
in short, be together.

commissioned by Bruss-it | Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommisie
in collaboration with Primary School Pavejoen