Different locations 2013 - 2016

The idea for the meccano grew out of the need for a "3D sketch tool", a tool that allows groups to think social structures to make possible sketches of real interventions in public space together with participants. The meccano allows people to try out, on a scale of 1/1, possible future use of sites at the real location itself.

A proposal for a pedestrian bridge was made in Ostend. In Helmet, a neighborhood in Schaerbeek, Dear pigs organized a workshop to think together with local residents how to transform the local park to an urban garden. A visionary greenhouse and public kitchen were built and presented to the mayor. An extension to the playground was build in Ghent, a science pavilion in Venlo, toys for the Houtdokpark,…

The meccano has also been widely used at all types of events as a collaborative imaginary tool. It was at Bozar, De Singel, Enter festival, Museumnacht STAM Ghent, Gentse feesten, manifestation Hart boven Hard, Pierkesbal, Open monumentendag, ...

commissioned by the Department of Arts - Commune of Gent
in association with Manoeuvre Toreke, Labeur-schrijnwerkerij