Quartier Ludiek – Wielswijk
Brussels - 2015

Two community projects were initiated by the local administration and community of Vorst. From the start of the project, Dear pigs opted to involve the children of the Parkschool from the beginning of the design process in devising the intervention. Together with writer / performer / poet Antoine Boute, workshops were organized in the school to imagine a mystery game with the children. In the meetings, plans arose for a game board without rules, various secret scriptures, and the various unclear protagonists of the mystery game.
Two installations were designed and built on the basis of the children's images.

In 'Rue Jef Devos' a dozen painted poles, that can be used as stilts, are fixed in the pavement.
At the 'Place du Mystère' a drawing that has the gesture of a ‘game of the goose’ is painted on the floor. The drawing is a result of the game board devised by the children. Various fantastic figures, a double periscope, lines that give walking directions, and a secret code and cryptography, created in the workshops, are present on the game board. No rules have been set for the game in any way. The lines and figures allow inventing new game, again and again.

commissioned by the municipality of Forest
in collaboration with Antoine Boute, Parkschool, QuartierWielsWijk