Au Retour
Brussels 2016

For the occasion of Recyclart Holidays and Wijkcontract Jonction a tower is constructed at the Kapellekerk station. The tower is a publicly accessible and invites to look at the surroundings from a different point of view. At the top of the tower a billboard is placed, readable for passengers in the train and residents of the residential tower on the other side of the street. Au Retour also provides space for the first plant hotel in Brussels.

The twelve-meter-high tower with a base area of approximately 50 square meters was built on the square in front of Art centre Recyclart. For two months, various programs were carried out on the different floors of the tower. The first floor was permanently open to the public. The higher spheres remained shrouded in a mysterious mist. One day a fortuneteller was housed there, another moment a hairdresser, it became The Virtual Photo Museum of Brussels, and was climbed by the shadow of OOOOO Bolwerk. On the top floor of the tower, a large panel was hung on which weekly a text appeared devised by writers, artists, poets, activists or local residents. Every Thursday and Friday of the Recyclart Holydays festival, the tower fulfilled several new functions, including: a bar, DJ platform, viewpoint over the square, a plant hotel, two person mini dating restaurant, and hosted various activities of the neighborhood.

commissioned by Recyclart
in collaboration with
Util, Charlie Whittuck
photography: Yves André