Quartier Ludiek
Brussels - 2014

Quartier Ludiek is a project in collaboration with JES UrbanLab (youth in the city). We organized several "exploratours" during which we explored, with children, playable locations in the public space and streets of Vorst and Sint Gillis. Armed with chalk and rope, the children transformed paths and street furniture into playgrounds. The research gave rise to the idea for the construction of 8 trolleys. The carts can be pushed through the city to one of the potential play areas, where they can be dismantled and converted into playground equipment. The parts of the carts are designed so they can be reassembled into new forms, possible connected to street furniture or traffic signs, to create temporary pop-up toys.

commissioned by the Communes of Vorst and Sint Gillis
in collaboration with vzw JES/Yota!, Brass – Cultural Centre Forest, Library - Sint-Gillis