Dear pigs speaks loud and clear
Dear pigs loves Brussels
Dear pigs interrogates
Dear pigs combines paint with Indesign and adhesive letters
Dear pigs confuses
Dear pigs likes to play
Dear pigs loves Cat woman and Bonnie and Clyde
Dear pigs is manifest

Dear pigs, is a Brussels’ Artistic Collective, hosting participative interventions in the public realm. In their design process they always start from and work with involved actors to shape the final installations. Their interventions are always the result of a thorough collaboration with future users. Pupils of a school, library visitors, residents of the neighborhood, ... are invited to participate in both the design phase and the implementation of projects. In doing so, participants slowly start to claim the projects as theirs, out of which sustainable partnerships between designers and users develop. Dear pigs, hereby, will facilitate the needed workshops and provides input during these ateliers.
We prefer to see the origin of an installation, temporary or permanent, as a result of this methodology. When Dear pigs start a new assignment, they never have a clear view or goal, nor a strict idea of how to get there. The final result becomes more and more visible along the taken course. Together with the involved parties, we look at the initial questions, to put them more broadly, rewrite them and bend them to the reality of the participants. For us, therefore, the trajectory is where we mainly focus on, while the final design stems from this.

Dear pigs will translate an assignment, in a quirky manner, into a new story, full of unexpected twists.

Dear pigs, is a multi-headed creature that currently consists of Jan Laute, Lode Vranken and Pieter Hollants.
Jan Laute is an architect and organizes urban interventions. In addition to his practice as an architect, he studies the relationship between man and the city or urban context, as an organic given, in all its occurrences.
Lode Vranken is an artist, architect and philosopher. He works on international artistic projects within various public contexts. He thinks.
Pieter Hollants is a landscape designer, developing child-sized sceneries.

References / On going

° MEDIALAB Muntpunt (Brussel, september 2019)
° Tuin CC Jacques Franck (gemeente St-Gillis i.s.m. AAC)
° Paviljoen on Tour - mobiele klas en gemeenschapsruimte (Paviljoenschool, Schaarbeek, in het kader van Bruzz-it en Wijkcontract Stephenson)
° Studie speelplaatsen ( en Brussel Leefmilieu i.s.m. AAC-OMGEVING-21 Solutions-CUISTAX)
° Court-circuit editie 2019, samen met 300 vrijwilligers de bestaande tekening herwerken en uitbreiden (Cultureghem, Anderlecht September 2019)
° KOER, verbouwing en masterplan voor een socio-culturele werkplaats (Gent 2019)